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The mission of Marengo Academy is to establish a lifelong learning foundation that is necessary for students to achieve their maximum potential and to lead fulfilling and productive lives. This foundation begins in the new daycare program and continues through 12th grade. The cornerstone of this foundation is the promotion and support of Christian values. All functions, whether board meetings or ball games, begin with prayer.   While providing a well-rounded curriculum, the elementary grades target specific skills on which to build future academic successes.   Accelerated Reader programs develop reading and comprehension skills and allow students to utilize the elementary library.   The newly updated computer lab facilitates the development of computer skills, including power-point presentations developed by the fifth-grade class. Of course, math and science classes are emphasized, and students participating in the elementary art program consistently compete in school, district, and state shows. At the junior high level, these skills continue to be developed, and the math team recently had a huge success in the district competition!   Advanced and standard diploma courses of study are offered for senior high students. Both the junior and senior high students have access to the science lab, updated computer lab, and library. To further emphasize the values that MA supports, a “Character Development Class” is offered. Our qualified teachers strive to teach in an interactive manner. Small classes make one-to-one teacher-student interactions the norm rather than the exception. Our environment is safe, and respect for faculty and fellow students is obvious.